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Last Full Day in Japan

Hey J,

Two weeks of self-induced alcohol poisoning and heat prostration are drawing to a close. Naoko is at work and I am taking one last run across the Koriyama plain to Osaka enjoying the sight of the bright yellow-green rice fields slowly turning into mountains on the southwest course to the city. It is another day of the weather I came here for; hot in the sun and hot in the shade.

Affairs of heart and house are in good order. We had a great time together and are convinced that the new house was a smart thing to do. I unpacked and photographed the pottery we bought on the weekend (more on which later,) and the place is beginning to look habitable. Naoko has also extracted a promise that I will cook next time.

Speaking of cooking, I am looking forward to an evening of steak and wine together before Labour Day.

Congratulations to you and the team for the good start to the season. Naoko says she can totally share the experience. The kids at judo make crazy sometimes.

I still have several notes still in draught from which I’ll finish and send later.

Arrived in Osaka and a lunch of curry and beer awaits. Cheers Brother!



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2009/08/17 at 04:44

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