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Plans for a New Website

I am designing a personal website and have made the following notes on design and layout topics.

Photo Gallery

The primary purpose of the gallery is to hold a small number of photographs which I feel are worthy of attention.

  • High resolution and quality images.
  • Minimalist layout. Black with grey navigation objects and numbers.
  • No notes or text, but figure number only on photo pages.
  • One photo per page.
  • Index of photos on the last page. To show location and date only.
  • Technical data to be available on other photo collection pages.

Photo Collection

An informal collection of photos.

  • Notes and technical data included with images.
  • Small, medium resolution images.
  • Grouped by dates, subjects or topics as appropriate.

Site Notes (About?) Page

This page will contain a general description of the site.

  • Acknowledgements.
  • Explanation of site navigation.
  • Contact etc.


Should be standardized throughout the site.

  • Forward/back arrows.
  • Link to topic main page and home page.
  • Can be flexible to suit topic.


Using minimalist templates (few as possible.)

  • Slight variations accepted for content.
  • Colours and navigation object position.

External Links

  • Used for explanation sites.
  • Identified in my site.

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