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Life: Part 3

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yesterday was my last day at IBM. I had a great career with interesting work and fine colleagues but it is time for something new.

The morning was clear and cold when I woke at 05:00 in Toronto. I finished packing, did some final housework then went to the Adelaide Club for a shower and coffee. At 10:10 I boarded a subway train for the airport. I will start the new phase of my life with a month in Japan. At this time the future is unclear but exciting. One thing is sure; I will be a new person in a month.

The flight to Tokyo was uneventful. There was a delay while transferring to the Shinkansen at Shinagawa due to track inspection after a minor earthquake.

I met Naoko in Kyoto at 20:20 and we had dinner at 惣平 (Souhe,) an izakaya in front of the station.

There was a hazy half moon in the sky when we arrived home in Narayama at midnight.

The  journey was over; the  long day was over; Life: Part 3 had begun.


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2010/03/27 at 23:00

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