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This Ain’t Ontario

Isaten Cold Drinks

Hey J!

Had a an incredibly hectic afternoon in Kyoto browsing bookshops and drinking coffee. Since the afternoon had become quite warm I decided to pick up a cool drink for the train ride home to Nara.

It is clear that the Kyoto Prefecture authorities don’t share the Ontario attitude toward the sale of alcohol. Witness the attached; chilled individual servings of wine, shochu, coolers,¬†whiskey, beer and sake. Yes, its all booze; that entire display is ready-to-consume alcohol, and that’s only the small cold stuff. And, its in a department store, so one can also conveniently pick up a designer bag or pair of socks.

Naoko is on the overnight shift at the hospice tonight so I am wandering aimlessly around the local supermarket waiting for the the sushi to go on final offer.

More over dinner (once I get it,) and hyperactive animation on TV.

‘Evening Brother,


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2010/04/14 at 20:45

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