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I came to Japan for spring; now it is summer.

The cherry blossoms are finished, the leaves are green and the distant mountains are blue. This visit was everything I was hoping for; a truly great beginning to a new life.

After a little housework in the morning I walked to Narayama Station and took the train to Osaka. Click thumbnail below to see spring and early summer views of the path to JR Narayama.

At Osaka I walked from Umeda to Namba and returned to Nara in the bright afternoon sunshine.

Currently sitting in a Dotour cafe on Sakura Dori. The man at the next table appears to be about the same age as me. He is learning advanced mathematics! Seeing him obviously enjoying his study reminds me that the thing I wanted to do most during this time in Japan was to take a decision about the future. I have. I want to continue to live an active life. This is my chance for a new beginning; to learn and do new things, bringing with me the education, experience and confidence of a lifetime. I look forward to the future with excitement.


Station Path Spring


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2010/05/01 at 17:00

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