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Summers in Japan

I have always enjoyed hot weather and thus for me there are few things more enjoyable than mid-summer in Japan.

The days following tsuyu (rainy season,) bring back childhood memories of  inescapable heat and sunlight, air-conditioned Art Deco department stores and breezes flowing through the windows of slowly moving streetcars. I usually go to Japan every summer, however, this year I went in spring and a summer visit seems unlikely so I read some of my old journals to remind me of hot days in Nara, Kyoto and Osaka. I have come to enjoy the places of the remembrances as much as the memories they evoke.

Diary Excerpts

Upon arriving in Nara I finally found the weather I was hoping for: hot and sunny with the smell of urban summer in the air. JR Nara station, 09/08/07

I commented that the morning was cool, but was reminded that by nine it would be hot again. Didn’t have to wait until nine; it was hot by eight. Sanjou Dori, Nara, 09/08/08

The breeze blows through the house and provides some cooling. The air conditioner is not yet purchased. First morning in my new house. Narayama, 09/08/11.

The feel of perspiration running down one’s back while standing on a platform waiting for a train is, for me, one of the true pleasures of summer. Nara, 09/08/12

Took the Yamatoji Kaisoku (express train) to Umeda. Stood at the front window and watched as the bright green rice fields of  the Koriyama plain gave way to mountains and finally the urban metropolis of Osaka, once the world’s largest city. Refreshed with coffee and a tomato curry bun and am now ready for the walk to Namba. I am sure the hot morning and the shade trees of Midosuji will bring back memories of summers past. Walking on the west side I stopped in shady spots under trees to wait for the traffic signals to change. I come to Japan for the summer heat and today I have not been disappointed. Osaka, 09/08/12

Naoko took me to Kizu station and I took the first train available, a Miyakoji for Kyoto. Sat at an outside table on Karasuma and enjoyed the heat. Not sure what will happen today but the weather is good and its summer, my favourite time of year. Kyoto, 09/08/15

It is another day of the weather I came here for; hot in the sun and hot in the shade. Koriyama, 09/08/17

Had one last look at Sogo Shinsaibashi. I am sad to see it closing and will not forget finding a little taste of summer on the roof-top garden one sunny winter day. Osaka, 09/08/18

For the next few hours I will enjoy my final views of Japan from train windows. The rice fields are at the peak of summer green and Shizuoka they contrast with the blue-green of the tea terraces. Tokaido Shinkansen, 09/08/19

Great Long Range ForecastThe long range forecast for early July in for hot and sunny weather. I’ll try to enjoy as much of it as possible. This week looks like a great beginning to summer in Toronto


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  1. We hope to go to Japan soon…. Maybe in a year. I always imagine how lovely it will be to wandering around small villages. Culture, tradition, food of Japan always interest me. This post really make me wanna be there fast.


    2010/07/06 at 04:19

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