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Cold Cantaloupe Salad

When the summer is hot, as it is at the moment, I usually keep a melon seeded and cut into ready-to-eat-pieces in the Frigidaire.

I arrived home from the gym hungry and craving something cold, and filling. There was not much cold in the house at the time but I did have cantaloupe and bocconcini. I made my own variation of a Caprese salad by putting a little balsamic glaze on top; a healthy instant cool-down.

Melon Cheese Salad

For those concerned that this is insufficient to restore one after a heavy workout I recommend a cheeseburger for dessert.


Written by Adam Love

2010/07/17 at 00:02

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  1. I love this fresh idea :)
    But I probably have a cheeseburger for dessert as you suggest :)
    Have a great weekend,


    2010/07/17 at 12:30

    • Thank you, Tes, and to you also. The taste of melon with a little vinegar was exactly what I had in mind at the time. I will be doing this one regularly during the summer.

      Adam Love

      2010/07/17 at 13:06

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