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I would like to learn to write well; to write articles and essays that people like reading. I have been thinking of this since late March, and practised by  writing daily to Jason in April. It seems I had made the right beginning in what will be a very long undertaking.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” These were the first words I read upon opening On Writing by Stephen King in a bookshop last week. It is something I have always implicitly known, (I grew up in a very literary household,) but seeing it stated so clearly was all I required to take a copy to the cashier followed by the first subway train home to start reading.

King described his recovery from a 1999 car accident in an essay. I remember his words conveyed not only the accident, but the pain and emotions he was still feeling many months later. The essay was not long, but it certainly was powerful. So, that’s how I want to write: clearly, sparsely and interestingly.


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2010/07/22 at 23:17

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  1. I agree read a lot and write a lot really improve my writing skill.
    Great post!


    2010/07/25 at 14:36

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