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Leadership needed, NOW

In arguably the most important period in Japan since August 1945, in-fighting and power struggles have hijacked the institutions needed to lead and restore the nation post 11th, March.

The cultural qualities which are an important factor in Japan’s future recovery, industrial growth and economic success seem lacking in the political class which rules this nation. In his post of 4th, June, Garren details both the politics and the plight of the large portion of the population directly affected. This article should be required reading for all in the world concerned with public policy and it’s impact.

In the immediate aftermath of the quake, tsunami and nuclear reactor failure I read many articles and posts comparing the effects with previous calamities, almost all of which I felt underestimated the impact. Inaction and indecision will surely result in this effectively becoming the worst natural disaster to affect an industrialized country.

I struggle to understand the aspects of Japanese culture which seem to accept this worst of all possible reactions to the crisis by politicians as being acceptable. Motions of non-confidence and other parliamentary procedures calculated to make problems are not acceptable now, however, those proposing them do so with with apparent impunity. The anger of the mayors and residents of the destroyed cities and towns of Tohoku is apparently irrelevant.

Those qualities mentioned by Garren (diligence, honesty, consensus, community and perseverance) are admirable and even enviable; they are also essential to the rebuilding and restoration of modern life in Japan. Leadership and vision are required; unfortunately it seems that those who should be providing them are otherwise engaged.


Ed. Steve Naegele sent a comment which I will add here. It truly captures the essence of what I was thinking.

仕方がない (shikata ga nai)



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2011/06/05 at 03:05

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