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Summer Tomato Salad

It does not get much easier than this:

  • Wash and cut slits into a tomato. I prefer the black-green ones but any tomato with rich flavour will do.
  • Slice a soft cheese such as bocconcini into wedges and insert into tomato slits.
  • Place on a plate with full flavoured greens like arugula and basil. Drizzle a little vinegar .

Preparation time: about two minutes.

Tomato Salad


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2010/07/25 at 00:13

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Cold Cantaloupe Salad

When the summer is hot, as it is at the moment, I usually keep a melon seeded and cut into ready-to-eat-pieces in the Frigidaire.

I arrived home from the gym hungry and craving something cold, and filling. There was not much cold in the house at the time but I did have cantaloupe and bocconcini. I made my own variation of a Caprese salad by putting a little balsamic glaze on top; a healthy instant cool-down.

Melon Cheese Salad

For those concerned that this is insufficient to restore one after a heavy workout I recommend a cheeseburger for dessert.

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2010/07/17 at 00:02

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Old Cookbook to Yield New Pleasures

Canapes Cookbook CoverIf you think the design of the cover looks like something from the early 1950’s you’re correct, actually it’s ’53.

Was doing some housework and rearranging of shelves (as astounding as that may seem,) and came across this beautiful book I had forgotten. Not sure which I enjoy more, the cover and illustrations (in similar style) or the recipes. One of three slim volumes published by Peter Pauper Press in my small shelf of cookbooks.

Will enjoy the illustrations while deciding which of the recipes I like best. I’ll share the results, but warn you now, Devilled Eggs are likely to be near the top.

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2010/07/14 at 03:56

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